How to Download YouTube Vanced APK for Android Devices

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YouTube Vanced is an advance developed version which is based on the official app of YouTube. Well, the app lets you enjoy watching your videos without disturbing with ads. Here you will not get any kind of video ad or anything else, which gives a smooth experience to the users. Also o the version is like you are getting the YouTube ad blocker injected in the YouTube original app. Along with that, the users also get different other features in order to enjoy their smooth experience, well it includes PiP which is also known as a picture in picture mode. This mode helps you in playing the video and also letting you use other apps at the same time as the video screen get locked in the background. However, the option is only available for Oreo rooms.

You can also download the apk which is available for different formats such as non-root, root, and magick. Well downloading the app is actually easy as you will get without searching too much.  Well, the latest and advanced version in YouTube is quite helpful and beneficial for the users who don’t want to waste their time on watching the ads and going through all hassles as here they can just watch whatever they like without ads.

Youtube Vanced Apk Download

How to Download YouTube Vanced APK for [NONROOT/ROOT/MAGISK]?

For downloading YouTube Vanced apk, there are simple steps that you can follow which includes installing the microG apk well it lets you log in using your YouTube account which cuts the hassle and also takes less time. After that, you have to find the apk of YouTube Vanced that you want to download. After you get that, you are all set for downloading with the simple steps.

Installation Steps to YouTube Vanced APK:

For installing the YouTube Vanced APK, there are few basic steps that you have to understand. However, installing the apk is not hard and it will take less time in completing the process. Well, there is some slight difference between installing the apk for Non-root, root, and magick. For understanding better, here are the steps that you need to take for installing the apk:

For Non-Root: well the installation is easy here and normal too. Once you download the app successfully for the Non-root, you can simply follow the given instruction.

For Root: if you are installing for root then here are few steps that you should take so you can complete the whole process successfully and easily, it  includes :

  • The first thing that you have to do is to install the official installer
  • Next thing that you need to do is to select the apk which suits your device perfectly. Also for that, you can check the architecture and for that, you can use the app for example CPU-Z. after that, you have to choose a theme, well mostly the apk files have a white theme
  • Once you get the file for you, place it to the installation zip or if not then you can also go for sdcard and downloads
  • After that, make sure you uninstall the apps related to YouTube and also disable any kind of auto updates. However, if you are able to make sure that every app is uninstalled then you don’t have to do it.
  • After that, you have to flash the installer with the help of  TWRP
  • Once you are done, you are all set for the next work.

For Magick: for installing the module via using magick, you are going to get overall three ways. The ways are not that different or time-consuming, however, understanding how you can do it and which one you find easy is important. For that, here is what you need to know

  • The first way that you can choose is installing the module using the magick repo which is also counted as one of the simplest options. Not just that it is also recommended by the experts too.
  • The second option that you get is placing the ‘install via magick.plz’. or you can also go with enabling the magick installation in the root installer’s setting
  • The third way that you are getting is using the magick modules which are also provided for download easily. Well, this one is the last way which let you install yeh module without any hassle.

YouTube Vanced APK Features:

There is a list of features that you will get in YouTube Vanced. The new version not just let you enjoy the watching videos and other things but also there are different kinds of stuff you get in addition. Also, you get a similar feature in different versions however there are few slight differences that you can find and that is a change in name. For knowing more about it, here is the list:

  • Well, the YouTube Vanced is not a premium version of YouTube
  • It comes with ad-free which help in blocking all unwanted ads
  • You can play the video in the background and do other works as well as use different apps at the same time
  • You also get the override max resolution
  • Pinch to zoom option is also there which is suitable for different devices
  • There is toggled theme available for the users which come in white, black and dark.
  • You get PiP too
  • You can control the volume as well as brightness using the swipe
  • The Vanced version also have repeat feature for video
  • There are resolution prefer and feature related to speed as well
  • You get the window in video both old and new
  • The Vanced also have the new logo


Well, for the users who are completely fed up with ads and continuous disturbance while they watch videos, for them YouTube Vanced Apk Download is helpful and extremely easy too. It let them enjoy their experience without facing any kind of ads. Along with that, the app is completely safe and has different features. However, make sure that you choose the suitable apk for your device so you can get the butter smooth experience.

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