How to Download and Install iMessage on Windows PC 2018

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There are lots of options that you get in the market; however, there are lots of people who prefer to have iMessage for their windows PC. There are various reason behind going for this option as here you get better and more smoother experience in texting. Well if you want to have the same thing then here are everything that you must follow as well as to know.

What is iMessage apk?

IMessage is one of the texting platforms which allow you to enjoy the whole thing without any hassle.  However, there are many other features that you get with this option such as large collection in emojis, keyboard GIF and other superior encryption.

iMessage on Windows

How to download iMessage Apk for Windows PC:

If you want to get the iMessage for window PC, well it’s easy to do that as for you have to follow few steps. Here is what you need to do for downloading the apk of iMessage for your window PC

  • The first thing that you have to do is to enable your iMessage on your computer. Also power on your desktop
  • Now you have to download as well as install the  Chrome web browser on your both computers
  • After the downloading is complete, the next step that you have to do is to install the extension of chrome remote desktop. Also, you have to click on option add-on chrome. Here you get a Pop up where you have to click on the option Add app
  • The next step that you have to do it on your Mac where you have to tap on chrome remote desktop. Once you click here, you will get an option where you have to go with get started. After you click that option there will be one more option to enable remote connections that you have to choose.
  • After promoting to the chrome remote desktop download host installer, you have to choose the option to accept and install. Well you will get a .dmg file that will be installed on your Mac
  • After the download of your chrome remote desktop is complete on the mac then open it and you have to click twice on the option chrome remote desktop host.pkg. After you are done, the installation process for the software will start. Well, after that you have to follow the instruction that will you get on your screen and just follow it.
  • The next step that you have to do is to go back to the main page of chrome remote desktop and after that, you have to enable the remote connection.
  • Well here is the last step that you have to do on the mac which includes six-digit PIN code. This is the last process that you have to do for verification and connecting the PC to your MAC.
  • Once your Pin is set the next thing that you have to do is in your PC where you have to open the app you installed
  • Get started the app using the under the computer and now click the mac compose option for connecting
  • Here you have to enter the PIN that you set on a Mac device. After you complete that process, click the connect option

How to use iMessage for Windows PC using Chrome Remote Desktop

There are options but people still like to choose IMessage for the windows PC. However, there is no straightforward method for doing that as the app is only available for Apple devices. Well, these days’ people are using the iMessage for Windows PC using the chrome remote desktop, if you want to know how you can use the iMessage for your window pc by the same method, and then here are the steps that you should follow.

iMessage on Windows PC


Step 1:  the first and very important thing that you need to do is to make sure that Mac with the iMessage and windows in your PC

Step 2: well, the next step includes downloading chrome remote as well as chromes both desktops of yours

Step 3:  after you are done with that, launch the app

Step 4: host the app on your mac and then install. Also the chrome desktop remote help you in accessing the other computer as well via using the chrome browser. Not just that you can do the process without any worry as the whole process safe.

Step 5: fix the code for connecting both desktops

Step 6:  and you are done for doing all the next work as it’s ready.

Features of iMessage for Windows:

However, there are lots of debates over why to use iMessage when there are so many options are available in the market. Well, also there is no doubt that those options are giving any less result or doing something wrong stuff. But still, with iMessage, you get lot more options in features which help in enjoying the whole texting thing much awesome way. Also, it comes with features such as P2P money transfer, collections in emojis, digital touch, superior excretion etc.

Well because of the features, the iMessage still top the list of messaging applications even there is some really good app are introduced in the market. Well, the only sad thing about the app iMessage is that the app is only for devices. However, with the given options above you can use it.

  2.5 Conclusion.

Messaging is one of the crucial parts of the world where you look for something much better and enjoyable options. Even there is a list of applications which are available but iMessage Apk is still one of the best options. Well, you can enjoy the services and features even if you don’t have the iDevices. However, for that, there are some steps that are important to take. The steps are not difficult, but you must be aware with the whole process so you don’t face any kind of hassle while enjoying the app or installing it.

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